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Zinner-Hall Gallery

Artists' works can been seen at Mudpies Gallery in Louisville, Kentucky and Whet Your Palette, Anchorage, Kentucky.

Exhibitions - Annual Artists' Showcase at Owl Creek Country Club, sponsored by The Artist Guild of Anchorage

Artists accept commissions.



Judith started painting oils when she first visited Maine and was overcome by the beauty around her. She progressively learned what style and subjects appealed to her - primarily architecture, reflections, and shadows. Judith is often asked to do commissions of homes and outdoor architectural scenery. She has won awards for her artwork and has been featured in art shows by request.


In 2012 she opened Whet Your Palette, The Art House in downtown Anchorage, Kentucky. Whet Your Palette is a beautiful interactive art studio welcoming all ages and skill levels to try their hand at painting.Before discovering painting Judith studied music and business at Georgetown College and received her Masters in Business Administration from the University of Louisville. Judith is an entrepreneur. She started and ran a successful consulting business in 1996 which she sold after working with small businesses for ten years. She has also continually taught piano for over 23 years and currently teaches in her studio at Whet Your Palette.




 JILL WATKINS HALL began painting in oils in 2005 under the instruction of Susan Howe at Mudpies Studio in Middletown. Subject matter is varied, and a challenge is welcomed. Jill has painted her husband, children, grandchildren, and her pets, all in informal settings and situations. Shape and structure are of particular interest, as illustrated in her paintings of the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse or her husband’s Jaguar. It has been said of Jill that she likes drama; she is never at a loss for subject matter. She takes many photos and frequently runs for her camera to capture an image for a possible painting. The blending of color on the canvas is especially enjoyable to Jill. Her style would probably best be described as impressionistic rather than realistic. Her works reveal the influence of the artist Edward Hopper, who just wanted to “paint sunlight on the side of a house.”

Jill’s interest in art began later in life, after raising three children in Anchorage with her husband, Ken, and completing her Ph.D. in Communication at the University of Kentucky in 1998. She has retired from her career as a college professor. A special pleasure is painting with her talented husband, Ken, and daughter, Judith Kennedy Zinner, owner of Whet Your Palette.




GEORGE KENNEDY HALL, JR. has spent many successful years in his legal profession. He has always been a fan of the arts. He first took up painting as a young man experimenting with acrylics. He has traveled extensively and admired the many styles of paintings viewed both in the United States and in Europe. Ken recently began painting again, having discovered the joy of oils. He is the husband of Jill and father of Judith, both of whom are featured in ZinnerHall Gallery. All three share their artistic talents as they paint together once a week at Mudpies Art Studio.




MADISON KENNEDY ZINNER is a Senior at the University of Louisville majoring in Theatre Arts. She has extensive experience working and painting at Whet Your Palette Art House in Anchorage, Kentucky. Madison designs and paints in various formats, including theatre backdrops and personal oil and acrylic paintings. Many Fridays Madison joins her mother, grandfather, and grandmother in the “family” room at Mudpies Studio.


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