Virtual Lessons

Welcome to Whet Your Palette virtual classes! This is the same instruction as our evening calendar classes, but now virtual. Step-by-step directions provided; no artistic experience required!

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See our suggested supplies shopping list OR buy all the supplies you need directly from us! 

Camper Couple Virtual Lesson (Couple's Class)

Camper Couple Virtual (Couples Class)

Camper Couple Virtual (Couples Class)

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For couples classes, each person will paint one canvas. When completed, both canvases put side-by-side will create one image.

Suggested Shopping List (Per Person)


-10x20 canvas 

-1 large, 1 medium, 1 small paint brush 

-White chalk or pencil for sketching

- Small paint sponge 

-Cup of water

-Paper towel 

-Palette (can use a sheet of paper or any flat surface that you don’t mind getting paint on)

-A smock 

-Colors: Cool red, deep red, magenta, citron (pale green), apple tart (bright green), shamrock (forest green), sea blue (turquoise), orchid (light purple), white, black -- These are the names of the paint we have, the names may be different depending on what brand you buy. Your colors don't need to be exactly the same as ours.