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Paint & Sip Classes, Special Events, and Bar/Restaurant Events

Enjoy step-by-step direction from one of our talented studio artists every evening in our Paint and Sip Classes. Ages 16+ is suggested (except family classes). 

Beer, wine, liquor, and cocktails are available for purchase during your class. Please make all reservations online (including groupon). 

Keep an eye out for any special classes or offsite bar/restaurant events! 


Wednesday 5/1

6-8:30pm Churchill

Thursday 5/2

6-8:30pm City Fireworks

Friday 5/3

6-8:30pm Birds Tall & Funny

Birds Tall & Funny.JPG

Saturday 5/4

6-8:30pm Flowers Three

Friday 5/5

  6-8:30pm Horse Pop

Saturday 5/6

  6-8:30pm Horse Colorful

Sunday 5/7

6-8:30pm Sailboat at Sunset

Monday 5/8

6-8:30pm Pink Rainy Day

Tuesday 5/9

6-8:30pm Bouquet Orange

Wednesday 5/10

6-8:30pm Hammock

Thursday 5/11

6-8:30pm Anchor Real 

Friday 5/12

6-8:30pm Wreath


Saturday 5/13

6-8:30pm Camper Couple *Couples Class*

Sunday 5/14

6-8:30pm Flowers Madi

Monday 5/15

6-8:30pm Guitar Electric

Tuesday 5/16

6-8:30pm Secret Garden

Wednesday 5/17

6-8:30pm Beach Girl

Thursday 5/18

6-8:30pm Paint Your Pet Night *Slightly Advanced Class*

Please email a picture of your pet you would like to paint to at least 24 hours before the class

*no groupons allowed*

Friday 5/19

6-8:30pm Lionfish

Saturday 5/20

6-8:30pm Belle's Starry Lou

Sunday 5/21

6-8:30pm Fleur De Lis Purple

Monday 5/22

6-8:30pm Hanging Gardens

Tuesday 5/23

6-8:30pm Boats

Wednesday 5/24

6-8:30pm Coffee on the Beach

Thursday 5/25

6-8:30pm Daisies

Friday 5/26

6-8:30pm Sunset

Saturday 5/27

6-8:30pm Hibiscus

Sunday 5/28

6-8:30pm Sea Turtle

Monday 5/29

6-8:30pm Swirly Tree *Family Class*


*All ages allowed*

Tuesday 5/30

6-8:30pm Peacock

Wednesday 5/31

6-8:30pm Rainy Night

Saturday 1/28

6-8:30pm Fall Forest

Monday 9/26

6-8:30pm Wreath ECC

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