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About Whet's Wonders

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

After 12 years of owning a continually growing art studio we have developed over 500 art lessons that are fun, engaging, and each teach aspects about a particular artist and their method or focus. Every summer we offer approximately ten different camp themes that each focus on five artists we carefully select to focus on each year. Our art lessons cover 35 artists and over 50 fun themes. We have grouped our projects by artist, theme and art aspects. All projects were created for ages 4-12 with adaptability for each age group of 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12. Our projects have provided fun and enrichment for so children and now we are excited to share with you! 

Our Story

After oozing creativity my entire life I started painting after I lost a daughter in 2006. Painting was a wonderful outlet for me. After six years of painting and learning this was the direction I was supposed to be going Whet Your Palette was born. Being entrepreneurial in spirit (For example, I started a sticker club when I was in middle school and made a little book on other little businesses I could start.) I took a plunge and opened a Paint & Sip art studio in September of 2012 in the historic town of Anchorage (Louisville KY) where I grew up and still lived. The local school asked if we would offer some kind of special for Christmas in Anchorage Day. We offered Drop-in Painting and it was a hit. We decided to offer Drop-In painting every Saturday, and then 6 days a week and eventually all day every day closing only four days a year. Our first full summer we offered summer camps and they have grown exponentially every year. My first child, being very much like her mother, has been there from the beginning at age 12 when we opened. She is now our assurance manager and summer camp director.  We grown to a team of about 20 artists and we are ready to share all the fun, sweat and craziness we've created with you. Thanks for playing with us!

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