ONE WORD. What's Yours?

Believe it or not everyday I wake with an excitement about the new day. No really. I do. I think of all of the things I can accomplish today. The possibilities are endless and my brain RUNS with ideas... some productive, some (a lot) are oozings of creativity run rampant! I surely drive many of those around me crazy! And so my point... this year my WORD is INTENTIONAL. New Year's resolutions often get lost or complicated. We have these grand plans (like each of my new day thoughts!)and I think we, or at least I lose focus. INTENTIONALITY. (Is that word?)My suggestions to you all is to choose a WORD. One WORD to focus on this year. Not an idealistic resolution that will get lost, but one WORD to focus on throughout the year. I am going to PAINT MY WORD on canvas so that I will see it and focus on it thoughout the year. ONE WORD. What's yours?