Our 2015 camps were a big hit! We learned a lot about art, artists, and having fun, so this year we're bringing back some old favorites in addition to introducing some exciting new themes! Check it out:

The first camps begin June 6 and the very last day of camps will be August 5.
Students may stay a half day or a full day (extra charge for lunch).
Please be sure to send your children with an old t-shirt or smock!
Snacks and drinks are available for purchase.

Paper World

In a Paper World, art can be as
fragile as it is beautiful.

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Fairy Fantasy

Faires, dragons and wizards --
oh my!

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Sock Friends

Turn your old clothes into
stuffed loves and put on a show!

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Face the Fun

Learn about yourself and each other
using only visual art.

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Star Wars: The Art Awakens

A long time ago, in a galaxy
far, far away...

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Messy 2: Return of the Splat

Back by popular demand!
Are you ready to get messy?

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Explore arts and crafts
block by block.

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Pocket Ponds

Pint-sized ponds
and little fascinations
for on the go!

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Beautiful Butterflies

Learn about the
butterfly life cycle
by bringing home some
beautiful projects!

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Our Creator's Creations

Use art to
learn about
the original Artist
and His world.

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Around the World

Explore the ways that art
can bring us all together.

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