Murals & Backdrops

Judith Kronbach, owner of Whet Your Palette has done many commissions including murals and backdrops for plays and photography. This page shows a sampling of these large scale works. (Most all paintings created for Whet Your Palette were completed by Judith Kronbach. For other professional work please go to Zinner Hall Gallery from main menu.)


Coca-Cola Bottling Plant Mural

800 square foot mural depicting the timeline of the Coca-Cola Company. Photo of one small section. Click image to view more images.


Evening Tree

Commissioned to paint entire room and ceiling as a stormy evening with the blowing tree as seen in images.


Frog for School Playground to Disguise Drain

School asked that we disguise the drain with an animal painting that was in the garden area of the playground.


Plays & Backdrops

Many backdrops created for multiple plays and photo sessions. Gallery also includes a mural repair. Currently only a sampling of work is in this gallery.